The vital role of Nature's Secret Ingredient in your skin

Your skin is working 24/7 around the clock and is the largest organ you have! We are firm believers that skin care is downstream from health care and a proper skin care routine is a holistic approach with Nature's Secret Ingredient as the center base platform that other actives can improve on. This is because it provides such vital natural energy directly to your skin cells for them to help do something incredible things for you.

Everyday your skin protects you from the everyday effects of environmental damage, like UV radiation and pollution. Your skin repairs itself and protects from these environmental stressors. It regulates which substances and how much can enter and exit our bodies to maintain optimal balance. It is a living organism and requires fuel to function!

Nature's Secret Ingredient delivers an all natural energy source for your skin. Your cells utilize tiny sugar molecules from basic carbohydrates. Nature's Secret Ingredient provides these much needed sugars to be used immediately or stored later directly in the cells for later use as needed. 

Each and every cell in your body stores and uses these simple Nano sugars as an energy source. All food you consume eventually is broken down and processed into these natural simple sugars. As we age, our skin as more and more difficulty fueling the skin's vital roles. Cellular repair and regeneration slows down as does the rate in which our skin can produce structural components like hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Nature's Secret Ingredient is molecularly identical to the Nano sugars found in your body and nature. When applied directly to your skin topically it provides an extra boost of energy to keep your skin working at it's fullest capacity!